McGlone meets Northern Trust to highlight concern at domiciliary care shortage

health Northern Trust Patsy McGlone Domiciliary care

SDLP Rural Communities Spokesperson Patsy McGlone has met with representatives of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust to highlight concerns about the shortage of domiciliary care packages in Mid Ulster.

Mr McGlone was joined by Moyola councillor Denise Johnston as they raised the issues people have been experiencing in obtaining care.

Speaking afterwards, Mid Ulster MLA Mr McGlone said:

“We sought meetings with the Northern Health Trust because of the number of our constituents who regularly raise with us problems they are experiencing in accessing domiciliary care in Mid Ulster. As well as addressing some of those specific cases, we highlighted wider concerns with the Trust’s performance in providing domiciliary care.

“There continues to be a shortfall in staff and hours available for domiciliary care, and hospital beds will continue to be occupied by otherwise healthy patients waiting for home care packages until that is properly addressed. The Trust has said that they are attempting to address these issues by changing their arrangements with the service providers they use in the constituency.

“We emphasised the need for the Trust to ensure that all nursing and care staff receive a wage that properly reflects the importance of their role in our society. I will be meeting with the Trust on this again, and the SDLP will continue to work with the Trust through the winter months to assess their progress in addressing these recurring issues.”


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